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My Two Cents on the Chris Brown/Rihanna Fiasco (It had to happen eventually)
March 11, 2009, 12:08 pm
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Chris & Rihanna (The New Ike & Tina)

Chris & Rihanna (The New Ike & Tina)

I have managed to avoid this topic since it all started, but I have finally decided to speak out for two reasons:

1. Recent developments have been too ridiculous for me to NOT open my mouth

2. The traffic I’ll get simply by tagging this post with Chris Brown and Rihanna’s names

First off, let me start by saying that hitting a woman is wrong. No matter what the situation, it is just plain wrong. There is never an excuse for it. When this all first happened, I was appalled. Even when stories came out about her starting the fight and physically hitting him, Chris Brown still disgusted me. I don’t care how many times Rihanna hit him, there is no way that tiny girl could have done THAT much to hurt him. Now, I’m not saying its OK for girls to hit guys, its definitely not. But responding by hitting them back is DEFINITELY NOT the proper way to go about it.

My sympathy for Rihanna began to decline a couple of weeks ago when rumors started spreading about them reconciling. When the rumors were confirmed that they were indeed back together, that sympathy disappeared completely. Then there were stories about them getting married, planning a duet together…etc. Now I am almost HOPING he hits her again just so she realizes what a horrible mistake she is making.

I understand people make dumb decisions in their early 20’s regarding relationships. I sure did. But this situation is simply ridiculous and her decision to get back together with him is probably going to ruin her life.


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Unfortunately, the average physically abused woman will go back to their abuser 7 times before they finally leave for good…or he finally kills her. Obviously, having money or “talent” doesn’t proclude people from the reality of the cycle of abuse.

Who knows what it will take to finally wake Rihanna up to the gravity of the situation, but hopefully having all eyes on him with teach Chris Brown to keep his fists to himself.

Or Jay-Z will kick the shit out of him.

I am personally hoping for the later.

Comment by Symone

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