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Singer of Chiodos gets PWNED!
February 19, 2009, 1:47 pm
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Craig Owens: Alleged creep and pedophile

Craig Owens: Alleged "creep" and pedophile

I have never really been a fan of Chiodos. The singer’s voice always kind of bugged me. So when I saw THIS on the “I Bang the Worst Dudes” blog, I couldn’t help but repost it:

This guy was the singer of a mediocre band, which I didn’t really take into consideration while we were dating since we had met through mutual friends and I thought he was such a sweet guy. He always said the perfect things, until I went to visit him while he was on tour and he ended up being a total creep after we started dating. I found out, amongst other shameful things, that he hooks up with some of his (really) young fans.

Wow, I’ll bet he never saw THAT coming. He’s gonna have a hard time hooking up with all those underage fans if this gets around. So I am posting this to do my part in preventing statutory rape. Spread the word.


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CHIODOS and CRAIG are insanely awesome!

Comment by pris

^ that’s probably one of the youngins he gigoogitied.

Comment by Suz

“Gigoogitied”… that’s awesome. Oh, and screw that guy — with his MTV and his rock ‘n’ roll and his statutory rape.

Comment by Bryan

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