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Slipknot really just needs to STFU
February 13, 2009, 2:58 pm
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Apparently Slipknot is still angry over their “battle” with The Game for the #1 spot the first week their album came out. The funny thing about this is….THEY GOT THE #1 SPOT AND THEY’RE STILL COMPLAINING!!

Initial reports from SoundScan put rapper the Game’s LAX in the top spot by a margin of 13 albums, but after a recount the positions were reversed, with Slipknot taking it by over 1,100 units. And it’s a near-slight that still drives the band nuts, even six months later.

“Any time we get something, it’s almost like we had to steal the fucking thing,” frontman Corey Taylor tells Rolling Stone. “We had to fight for that, in true Slipknot fashion. They didn’t want to just fucking respect us and wait until all the fucking numbers were in. They were like, ‘No, you didn’t have it — you got beat by 13 CDs.’ We’ve come so fucking close so many goddamn times, and this was our time.”

For Taylor, taking the top spot is the ultimate middle finger to an industry he feels holds his band in disdain, and the victory and continued success is only made sweeter by the odds his band has overcome

I may have an explanation as to why you feel the music industry holds your band in disdain…THEY PROBABLY DO. Your band represents everything that is wrong with America: white trash. That’s what you guys are and that’s what the majority of your fans are. And why the f*ck are you still complaining??? Enjoy the victory because I doubt it’ll happen again. But, hold on. Taylor’s got more for us.

“I truly believe that every time we win, it just makes so many people angry,” he said. “Right out of the gate, we should not have been successful. We were a nine-piece metal band from Iowa wearing masks and doing this insane shit, but we were talented and we were lucky, and we went out and built this following. For us, this is a legacy.”

Very perceptive, Corey. At least he knows everyone with good taste in music hates his band. “Lucky” I’ll definitely give you, “talented” is debatable. Enjoy your legacy, Corey. Me and everyone else that DOESN’T live in a trailer want no part of it.


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Haha! So true!

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