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New Found Glory is cooler than your favorite band
Cover art for NFGs Not Without a Fight

Cover art for NFG's Not Without a Fight

New Found Glory‘s new record Not Without a Fight leaked onto the internet last week. Guitarist Chad Gilbert had this to say:

As far as the leaking thing. If my favorite bands cd came out early online i would download it to. For instance the new Morrissey record. I dont think it comes out for another 2 weeks and i’ve had it for like 3 weeks now. I will still buy it though because when i love a band or singer i gotta have the album artwork. It is a bumm out that some of the anticipation is lost. the whole building up to release date loses a bit of its excitement but to be honest the fans that would go out of their way to download it are the true fans that go out of their way to buy merch and post online about how much they like it and are the ones that will know the words first and sing every song at the show. You are driven to get it because you like NFG so how can I be bummed at that! So to all that have it. Spread the word if you like it and get people to go pick it up when it comes out! Not even for our sake but for epitaphs to. They are so passionate about NFG and our fans. They are true music lovers and they try to always put together cool and fun stuff for fans of this genre of music.

Now THAT’s refreshing. A band that’s OK with you downloading their leaked album. Not only are they OK with it, but they download their favorite bands’ leaked albums too. The sooner we have more bands like NFG and are rid of bands like Metallica, the better off the music industry will be.


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I’ve always said that Pirating makes advertising easier. If people like music, they spread it, go to concerts, buy t-shirts, etc.

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