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Weezy….you MIGHT have made a mistake
February 3, 2009, 9:51 am
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So I finally listened to Lil Wayne‘s rock n roll debut “Prom Queen” and I gotta say, I am rather disappointed. Honestly, it just doesn’t sound good. His voice over that music just doesn’t sound natural (and I’m not just talking about the autotune). What I mean is his performance sounds forced. At least when Weezy made his appearance at the end of Fall Out Boy‘s “Tiffany Blews”, they stopped everything but the drums. Maybe that’s just how I am used to hearing him. It seems like distorted guitars just don’t fit his voice.

While listening to the song I started asking myself, “Why would he decide to do something like this? Did he really just want to do a rock record? Or is he trying to attract more of a ‘white audience’?” If it’s the latter, Weezy, let me just say that you had us already, there is no need to do this. But I will reserve judgment on Rebirth until I have heard the whole thing.


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