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Slipknot say they will be “bigger than Metallica”

Slipknot percussionist (and I use the term “percussionist” loosely since part of this guy’s arsenal are kegs played with a baseball bat) Chris Fehn was quoted by Kerrang! this week saying:

“I think we’re going to overtake [them],” Fehn told Kansas City Star. “We haven’t even made our [Metallica’s 1991] Black record yet. Wait until we do that. It’s over, dude. We’re going to overtake any band that sells out soccer arenas in Europe. We’re going to do it. We’re the last chance as far as the world goes.”

It absolutely baffles me that a band as shitty as Slipknot REGULARLY talks themselves up this much. Oh, and they “haven’t even made their black record yet”. Well, you might wanna get crackin’ guys. It took Metallica 8 years to get to THEIR Black album. You’re on what? Year 10 now? And it took the Foo Fighters about 13 years to get to the point where they could sell out Wembley and they had the drummer for NIRVANA singing in their band. Good luck with that.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate Metallica as much as the next guy. But the fact that Slipknot would even attempt to COMPARE themselves with to a band like Metallica (that is for some reason considered by most to be legendary) is just appalling.


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