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+44 over, Hoppus going solo

Ok, so MTV News isn’t COMPLETEY useless I suppose. They recently caught up with Mark Hoppus to ask him a few questions about the blink-182 reunion rumors and the future of +44.

“To answer your question about the interview at the Woodies — and, by the way, I want to thank everyone at MTV for choosing the most flattering photos possible to go in the article — the reason I wasn’t able to answer with a great deal of specificity is that I didn’t really know how to say what was going to happen. Since late August of last year, I’ve been in the studio every week writing songs with the intention of putting out a record of my own. As of this week, I’ve got about 10 songs in various stages of completion and another 10 ideas that I still want to work on. … By the way, this interview will be the first time many people at the label are going to hear about the possibility of me doing an album on my own. Hi, Interscope!”

No mention of +44…and THANK GOD. When Angels & Airwaves released We Don’t Need to Whisper I thought there was nothing that could disappoint me more. But, a few months later when +44 released When Your Heart Stops Beating, I was proven wrong. Don’t get me wrong, A&A and +44 have one or two songs here and there that I don’t mind. But, for the most part everything the former members of blink-182 have released on their own has been sub-par at best. So my expectations for Mark’s solo material are quite low.

I am however quite interested in how the upcoming New Found Glory record is going to sound seeing as how Mark produced it. If you haven’t heard the first single (“Listen to Your Friends”), I highly recommend giving it a listen.


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A post about Mark Hoppus AND New found glory. Mr Moyle you are my hero!! I can;t wait for the NFG album either Im seeing them on the 31st maybe ill get a sneak. If not i should hear it by the time there here in Orlando on MY BIRTHDAY with Bayside!

Comment by Ashley

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