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Katy Perry throws herself a pity party
January 13, 2009, 3:15 pm
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This week MTV News continues their tradition of being utterly useless by trying to interview Katy Perry about how she was feeling about her recent breakup with Gym Class Heroes frontman Travis McCoy.

Last week when MTV News caught up with Katy Perry on the red carpet at the Critics’ Choice Awards, she spoke about her recent split with boyfriend Travis McCoy. Sort of.

It would be more accurate to say that she sidestepped our question about McCoy, answering with a polite — if not a little curt — plug for her upcoming Hello Katy Tour, before being whisked away by a rather annoyed-looking publicist.

I am guessing her publicist was annoyed because people keep asking Katy questions about her more talented ex-boyfriend than about whatever the fuck it is she’s doing. I suppose that would annoy me too if I were her.

Perry, who was battling the flu during her Hotel Cafe set, reportedly laughed and joked with her friends, who were seated in front of the stage. And later, on her blog, she continued with the “getting over it” vibe, writing, “So, my post tonight started very melancholy. The usual. Mostly just a pity party I suppose. We all throw them … no one ever comes though, especially [to] mine.”

“I have the wonderful world at my fingertips,” she continued. “And nothing has made me smile much in the past couple days besides”

Oh boo-hoo, Katy. Your pathetic attempt at Wentz-style emo wittiness is lost on me. And the fact that you go to websites like The makes me hate you even more than I already do (which I thought wasn’t possible). You probably like that LOLcats shit too. You make me sick, Katy.


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I saw her perform at Jingle Ball. She’s a bit out there. I was questioning whether or not she was sober…

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