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50 Cent blasts Kanye and Lil Wayne (surprise, surprise)
January 12, 2009, 2:05 pm
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So 50 Cent must have a new record coming out because he’s starting beef with Kanye again, and this time he even decided to include Lil’ Wayne. I guess whenever he has a new album coming out, he pulls out the charts for the past couple years and just picks on whatever hip hop artist sold more records than he did. This time there were two.

When Kanye released 808s & Heartbreak, he blogged that 50 Cent would love it, but on the radio 50 finally responded by saying the album was “an R&B record.” “I’m surprised he got away with it,” 50 said. “That album is supposed to be a brick.” 50 also mocked Kanye’s singing skills. 50 had equally harsh words for Lil Wayne, saying the Carter III rapper was a “junkie” and a “little baby.” “[Wayne] had a great album,” he said, “but he makes a lot of records and I think he’s gonna exhaust the public with his sound. He’s a talented artist, but if you put us in a space where we’re in competition, my consistency will break his neck.” Fiddy then dared — almost pleaded — for both rappers to respond, probably in an attempt to keep his name in the papers and blogs before Self Destruct is released.

I like how Fiddy’s criticizing Weezy for making too many records. It’s called “staying in the public eye”, Fiddy. You might wanna try it sometime. Maybe you’ll actually win the next time you try and publicly compete with another artist for record sales. Speaking of which…aren’t you supposed to have retired?


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