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Stupid White Power Band Thinks People Want to Listen to Their Music
December 23, 2008, 1:37 pm
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Racist white power asshole Ken McLellan and his band Brutal Attack (don’t worry, there’s no reason that band’s name should even ring a bell) have recently secured online distribution of their music. This is a huge step for them seeing as how barely ANY stores will carry their racist hate music.

For $9.99, you can download Brutal Attack’s anti-immigrant, pro-white Tales of Glory from iTunes. It’s a buck cheaper on Amazon. A physical copy is yours for $16 on CD Baby. For McLellan and others like him, white-power music’s availability through mainstream online retailers holds the promise of a success immeasurable in money. “We’re far more interested in spreading our point of view,” explains Jeff Schoep, manager of NSM88 Records, which sells music online by bands like Grinded Nig and Inborn Hate. (Schoep is also the leader of the National Socialist Movement.) “If people can hear communist sympathizers like Rage Against the Machine on iTunes, then they should have the right to hear music that celebrates white culture. The Beastie Boys and other Jewish artists might support banning ideas, but we don’t. We support the American way.”

Yeah. Being a communist sympathizer and a racist are the EXACT SAME THING. What a moron this guy is. Hold on. It gets better.

McLellan, though, thinks his music’s subculture status is due to change. “Being sold in mainstream places shows that white power isn’t so taboo anymore,” he says. “Attitudes are changing.”

What rock is this guy living under? Attitudes are changing alright. But, judging by the color of our new president’s skin, they aren’t changing the way this McLellan is thinking.


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I think we should corral these dinkuses and insert them into the middle of Harlem with no clothes on and 1 small pocketknife each. That would be fun to watch.

Comment by Ryan Brennan

Look to be honest I don’t see why you’re wasting you time worrying about this. If you take time to do some research on Reggae music you’ll find it to contain alot of black power lyrics and Reggae is pretty much mainstream. Liberal middle class people (here in england anyway) will probably say that Reggae artists are just expressing their culture and will think this is great. The moment a white person says the exact same thing these so called open minded folk will shout them down for being rascist. You should listen to some of Brutal Attacks music and then listen to some Sizzla maybe or download some live tapes of reggae selecter Ricky trooper clashing with white Reggae Dj David Rodigan and hear what real rascism is. Oh and Ricky trooper and sizzla have both been on BBC radio in england even with their rascist, homophobic views. I’m guessing you’re white? So why not protest against those who are rascist to you? It makes no sense for you to put so much effort into attacking a scene which has their own peoples best interests at heart. Get over yourselves

Comment by Geez

I was hoping for a heated debate here lol

Comment by Geez

ditto geez!

Comment by mark

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