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Guitar Hero Officially Sucks
December 15, 2008, 12:03 pm
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Apparently the next release in the way-too-popular Guitar Hero video game series is going to be devoted to a specific band. Now you would assume that Neversoft/Activsion would realize that they are being destroyed by Rock Band and that they should pick a hot band that everyone likes right now in order to boost the game’s popularity, right? WRONG! The game is being centered around Metallica. This “comeback” by Metallica is confusing the hell out of me. This year Metallica released an album that was just as bad (if not, worse) than every album they have released since 1991. Yet, for some reason they are making year-end “best of” lists, being nominated for Grammys and now a video game is being created that is devoted to them.


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If only they came out with a game centered around, say, The Beatles or Led Zeppelin, they would become the way-too-unappreciated video games series. Stupid, Metallica, stupid. Go Eagles.

Comment by Spiegel

I completely agree with Brett. We just need to get the rights to the Beatles via murdering Micheal Jackson.

Comment by Amanda

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