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Katy Perry’s a Bitch (told ya so!)
December 10, 2008, 4:20 pm
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Mega Bitch

Katy Perry: Mega Bitch

Well THAT didn’t take very long. So I guess earlier this year Katy Perry was being interviewed and when asked to describe herself, said she was a “fatter version of Amy Winehouse” and a “skinnier version of Lily Allen.” Obviously, Lily Allen didn’t take too kindly to this remark and blasted Perry on Capital FM on Monday by calling her lyrics “crass”, criticizing her for not writing her own songs and saying that Perry was only signed to her label as an “American version of her.” When Perry was asked about this on a Fuse interview she immediately apologized and said, “I was just kind of joking and trying to be funny. I didn’t mean anything by it. Comedians are not necessarily to be taken super seriously.”

Yeah, except you’re NOT a comedian, Katy. You’re a Christian rock singer turned mediocre pop singer who doesn’t even write any of her own material. And I don’t know who you think you’re fooling by pretending to play a guitar on stage…we all know you couldn’t play guitar to save your life.

So, as promised, here is why I thought Katy Perry was a bitch before I heard about all this: I was on the first 3 weeks of Warped Tour this summer with my band and our record label. We were basically just selling CDs everyday. We were in Dallas and it was the end of the day for us and we were packing up our tent and loading stuff into our van. I was carrying a lot of heavy stuff with one of the other guys and as we approached the gate I noticed that it wasn’t open very far and that Katy Perry was sitting in the middle of the opening on a pink bicycle talking to someone who was there with the tour. I foolishly assume that by the time we get up to the gate Ms. Perry will have seen us carrying all of this heavy equipment and will back up a couple of inches so we can get through. Well, she sees alright. She glances over at us a couple of times even, but doesn’t move. Finally, after about a full minute of us just STANDING there staring at her dumb face, she finishes her conversation (which I’m sure was incredibly important) and moves out of the way. No apology for how long she took to get out of the way. Nothing. She actually kind of looked put out by the fact that we had to get through. I was blown away by how inconsiderate she was.

Katy Perry shouldn’t have even been on that tour. In the entire three week span, I can’t remember a single person telling me they were there to see Katy Perry. I would imagine she was only there to make sure boyfriend Travis McCoy (Gym Class Heroes) kept his “hands out the cookie jar” all summer.


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She does seem rather bitchy. Kind of reminds me when Avril first started out.

Comment by Lauren

Fuck Katy Perry with Lily Alien’s used dildo snatch up her nose with both plugs inserted.

That don’t make no sense.

Lily Alien, i dare you to punch Katy Perry in the face with a jello dildo. It would be so punk rock.

Holla back at a soulja boy with his gucci trash can and hit him in the grill with a burger king whopper and tell him that’s where he gonna go back to work in a year.

The Gucci Trash Can yall
is so
existential pimp

Comment by Jeremy Ahn

You’re a social freak and should learn some etiquette. I’m sorry that your no-name worthless band got nowhere after Warped tour and Katy did, but you are not faultless in the situation. Maybe you should have said something to catch her (or anyone else’s) attention instead of standing there like some kind of useless soul just waiting to come up with an excuse to blog about the “royal bitch” Katy Perry. She’s done nothing extraordinarily bitchy that all humans have done at some point in our lives. Get over yourself, you obscure wannabe.

Comment by J

HAHAHAHAHAHA! If you think I wrote this out of bitterness that my band didn’t blow up after Warped you are sorely mistaken. I really couldn’t give two shits. Being on that tour for three weeks actually made me want to have nothing to do with that whole scene. I also didn’t have a blog to write about this in when it happened, so I obviously wasn’t looking for an excuse to write anything about her. I didn’t even have an opinion of Katy Perry until that day. And what the fuck do you care? Why are you defending her so much? In a year no one will remember her name anyways so what does it matter?

Comment by themusicelitist

[…] saying it was a joke and “any fine journalist would have got that”. OK Katy, we know you think you are a comedian, but its obvious at this point that journalists (and Lily Allen) don’t quite seem to get your […]

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