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The Grammys Still Suck

The Grammy nominee announcements once again proved how out of touch the more-than-likely 85 year-old voters are with whats really going on in music. However, I will say that this years nomination leaders are a just a little better than usual (Lil’ Wayne, Coldplay and Radiohead). But let’s focus on a few specific categories here.

For once they nominated someone who deserved it

First, lets start with New Artists, because this award ALWAYS disappoints. This years nominees are:

  • Adele
  • Duffy
  • Jonas Brothers
  • Lady Antebellum
  • Jazmine Sullivan

Ok. Its really sad that the only artist on this list whose name I recognize is the Jonas Brothers. Who the hell ARE the rest of these people? After doing some quick internet research (i.e. – going to Wikipedia and checking these artists numbers for the past year), I found that the only one of these artists that’s really done well in THIS COUNTRY (the country where the Grammys take place) are the Jonas Brothers. Which would be the reason why they are the only ones I have heard of. It amazes me that a decent amount of people in this country still watch the Grammys every year given the majority of nominees aren’t even popular here. Not that I am saying only popular music should be nominated, but something’s not adding up here.

Lets move on to something I am more at liberty to talk shit about: the rock category nominees. Here are the nominees for Rock Album of the Year:

  • Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends
    [Capitol Records]
  • Rock N Roll Jesus
    Kid Rock
  • Only By The Night
    Kings Of Leon
    [RCA Records]
  • Death Magnetic
    [Warner Bros.]
  • Consolers Of The Lonely
    The Raconteurs
    [Third Man/Warner Bros.]

Ok, now I have to give them props for the nominations of Coldplay, Kings of Leon and the Raconteurs. Three bands I have absolutely no problems with. HOWEVER, its clear that two of these artists do not belong here. Kid Rock???!!!! Do people even still listen to this guy? Nominating Kid Rock for a Grammy is like nominating George W. Bush for a “World Leader of the Decade” award. And don’t even get me started on Metallica. Death Magnetic is (as I predicted before its release) the most god-awful piece of shit I have ever heard. The fact that it was even CONSIDERED for being nominated is a tragedy.

While we’re talking about Metallica, let’s talk about the category that pissed me off the most: Best Metal Performance:

  • Heroes Of Our Time
    [Roadrunner Records]
  • Nostradamus
    Judas Priest
    Track from: Nostradamus
  • My Apocalypse
    Track from: Death Magnetic
    [Warner Bros.]
  • Under My Thumb
    Track from: Cover Up
    [Megaforce Records]
  • Psychosocial
    [Roadrunner Records]

Wow. If I had to pick one category that these voters DEFINITELY know nothing about, it’s metal. However, I once again have to recognize that they did pick Dragonforce and I don’t care what anyone says about that band….YOU try playing “Through The Fire And The Flames” on Guitar Hero 3. But seriously, SlipKnot???? I can name about 10 other metal bands that released music this year that should have gotten Grammy noms over these ‘tards. in fact, here they are:


Lamb of God

Bullet for My Valentine

Protest the Hero

Shai Hulud

Walls of Jericho

Norma Jean

All That Remains


Haste the Day

In any case the bottom line is, the Grammys are still lame. I won’t be watching them. But here is a list of the rest of the nominees if you wanna check it out.


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Yeah…I’ve never watched the Grammys simply because I know it almost never reflects public opinion or good opinions like that of ours and our friends. Though I’m glad Radiohead got on there, and Dragonforce does deserve a little recognition.

Comment by Amanda

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