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Stephen Colbert is my hero
December 3, 2008, 2:50 pm
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I’m pretty sure this was aired on Monday night. But in any case, since the segment aired, Kanye West has already responded to the criticism (surprise, surprise) through his Twitter account by asking simply “Who the fuck is Stephen Colbert?”. Well, Kanye,  Stephen Colbert would be the guy who got his own show on Comedy Central back when people were still asking “Who the fuck is Kanye West?”.

Someone should tell him those probably dont have proper UV protection

Someone should tell him those probably don't have proper UV protection

Look, Kanye, I’m gonna be honest with you. Your music over the last few years has been great and I will not lie about the fact that I enjoy it. Hell, your new record is even starting to grow on me. I think what you are doing musically is very “outside the box” lately and thats awesome. HOWEVER, when you start comparing yourself to music legends like Phil Collins, saying you’re gonna be the next Elvis Presley and declaring yourself as the voice of this generation, people are gonna start thinking of you as a pompous douchebag and stop taking you seriously. And the bitching and moaning every time you don’t win an award over someone else doesn’t help either.


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