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Coheed and Cambria make worst decision of their career

I read yesterday on that Coheed and Cambria have announced plans to tour with SlipKnot

I cant even imagine what the SlipKnot fans will do to these guys...

I can't even imagine what the SlipKnot fans will do to these guys...

starting in January of 2009. If that isn’t a horrible idea then I don’t know what is. Who manages these guys? A monkey could have booked a better line-up. Whoever made that decision should be fired from whatever position they hold immediately.

I saw something similar to this happen when Finch toured with H.I.M. and Skindred back in ’05. The crowd HATED Finch (because when you are a Skindred fan, anything resembling talent frightens you). This was right after Say Hello to Sunshine came out and they were in their weird “progressive” phase (I actually kinda dug the record). But, I guess it just wasn’t goth enough for the H.I.M. fans.

In any case, I am not sure who to feel worse for in this situation: Coheed or their fans. The SlipKnot fans will most likely riot when Coheed goes on and (in typical white trash fashion) beat the living hell out of all the Coheed fans. After which Coheed will be booed off the stage.

Good luck, guys!

UPDATE: Told ya!


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wait for it….. wait for it….


Comment by The Ruiner

I think Trivium and their fans are probably just going to play their set each net and then try to get out of the way of the fat angry white kids.

Comment by A Dark In The Light

lol I’ll be going to the Camden NJ concert reguardless to see Coheed.. and I’ll be staying for all 3 bands.. and anyone who gets in my face, is gonna end up on their faces..with my boot in their *ahem* XD

Comment by Jenobi

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