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Travis Barker (apparently not satisfied by the fact that he is still alive) to sue Learjet company over crash
November 24, 2008, 4:30 pm
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Travis and DJ AM.....pre-crash

Travis and DJ AM.....pre-crash

A story came out today that Travis Barker is suing Clay Lacy Aviation, Global Exec Aviation, Inter Travel Services, Goodyear and aircraft manufacturer Bombardier Inc. over the September 9th plane crash that he and DJ AM were involved in.

Let me start this by saying that I am a drummer and have been a pretty big fan of Travis for quite some time now. With that said, he has lost a decent amount of my respect today. Granted, I have never been involved in a plane crash nor do I ever wish to be. But it seems to me that crashing is just sort of a possibility you accept when you board a plane….especially one of those scary-ass private planes.

I also found it kind of odd DJ AM was not involved in this lawsuit. The only other person involved in the suit is the bodyguard’s mother. Maybe they’re letting Travis test the waters and see if there is any money to be made out of it. Because you know if he wins everyone else remotely involved in that crash is gonna try and sue them too.


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