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Jonas Brothers claim blink-182 as an influence, Mark Hoppus wants money
November 24, 2008, 4:59 pm
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I cant decide which one I want to bitchslap more

I can't decide which one I want to bitchslap more

I know, I know…too much blink-182 news for one day. But this actually involves the Jonas Brothers more. As odd as that might sound, get this: Kevin Jonas claims blink-182 is one of his biggest influences. Although he does stress, “I didn’t pay much attention to blink’s behavior, I was just listening to the music.”

Nice save, Kevin. Wouldn’t want all the good Christian parents out there telling their daughters they can’t listen to your band anymore because you’re influenced by the devil’s music. That would almost be as bad as not wearing your “purity ring” anymore. I mean, if you did that, people might think you were (God forbid) having sex before marriage!

But, the best part about this is not the fact that the Jonas Brothers claimed blink as an influence. Nor is it the fact that Kevin Jonas tried to backpedal in the interview to save his good, wholesome “Christian” image. It is the fact that Mark Hoppus caught wind of this interview, posted a link to it on his blog and asked simply, “does this mean we get royalties?”

Here’s to you, Mark. Here’s to you.


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